Cooking Cupcakes

May 2014

We felt privileged to be invited to take part in a coffee and catch up morning with some very dear friends of Girl Friday who host the women from the refuge and the community that need to feel the support that only comes from feeling included.

A simple act of sitting together to share a tea or coffee, a meal or an experience, whilst chatting can not be under estimated. To join with them in 'their vision of restoring value to women and sharing compassion and generosity' is inspiring.

Kathie was able to share some of her fabulous cupcake skills and the ladies were very interested in trying their hand at making and decorating their own cupcakes during the morning.

Wendy, Kristen and their team shared an amazing lunch where we could all sit together in friendship and enjoy a meal.

Girl Friday was able to provide essential cupcake making items to take home and prepare their own cupcakes encouraging them to invite people into their lives.
The pack included, muffin tray, measuring jug, measuring cups, spatula, mixing bowls, patty cases, a hand held mixer, tea towels and the ingredients.

You are making such a difference...