Christmas Donations

December 2013

WOW you are all soo wonderful Girl Friday is just overwhelmed by your generosity, it will make an immediate difference in the lives of women and children locally, and Christmas will be just a little easier this year.

From past fundraising, your generous gift card donations and our recent twilight run/walk we were able to provide every women with a $50 gift voucher along with a beautiful gift each for Christmas.

All present donations for the children totalled to 41 which is just awesome thank you!! Girl Friday has also received clothes donations so every child will receive a bag filled with clothes, books and other little items to help them along.
We can’t thank you enough for your recent food donations this will be very appreciated. It will be shared around with everyone to enjoy over the festive season.

Thank you all once again for your kindness, giving the gift of time and generosity in order to benefit others is part of what makes Girl Friday and we are just so grateful to have such support from you all. You have all truly made a difference in the lives of others in 2013. Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to continuing to make a difference in 2014.

Kathie, Michelle & Sandra xo